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Magic Lines

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Making lines (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) of 5 or more balls with the same color to destroy them. Don't let the balls fully fill out the board.Use the special items (Undo, Hammer, and Bomb) wisely to overcome t...

Find The Crypto

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“Find the crypto” is a THEMED game about cryptocurrencies, you don’t earn cryptos by playing it, but it attracts many visitors to your site and downloads with this game, as it is a subject that is on the rise and it i...

Mr Noob Vs Zombies

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Mr Noob - Lucky Block story is an official Noob vs Pro vs Hacker style shooter game on mobile. Help Mr Noob to kill 1000 zombies and open all Lucky Blocks to get new skins of NoobIf you are playing from a phone, just ...

Grass Cut Master

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Grass Cut Master is a fun hypercasual simulation game. You have to cut the grass on different platforms within the limited time. For a more efficient farming, you can improve your vehicle's capacity, blade length an...

Car Smasher!

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Choose your car, upgrade & customize it, Compete against your opponents and win them all! It's all about cars! Avoid hitting obstacles and smash your opponents to wreck them all!Use your mouse and click and drag i...

Who is Daddy

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A pregnant mom needs your help to choose the right daddy. You should pay attention to the foods you eat also. Avoid pizza, burger and coke. Collect milk bottles for your baby. Also collect clues and find who is the ri...

Drink Master

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Have you always dreamt of working as a bartender?Do you consider perfectly poured cocktails and drinks to be your life goal?Do you always pour beer perfectly into a glass?Then Drink Master is the game for you!Become a...

Brain Test

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Test your intellect and have a lot of fun! Think outside the box, train your brain. Solve exciting puzzles for adults - prove that you are smarter than everyone!Trust common sense and pay attention to details. Don't t...

Constellation Energy Lines

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If you love space and stars and if you to love constellations and astrology, it’s reallytime to play to this cosmic game. You just need to connect all stars with 1 line and with only one touch.This is a super mind cha...

Celebrity Foodie Style

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Welcome to the Celebrity Foodie Style. These Celebrity girls are more obsessed with both food and fashion. They planned to try this food and fashion in new trends. Yes! It’s a foodie fashion. Browse the wardrobe and p...

Colors domination

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This is a relaxing game! Touch in a block to change your color and make propagate it. Make all blocks have the same color. Various levels to play freely, all unlocked.Touch in the color to change it.

Ultimate Flying Car

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Do you want to take fast rides and flights on the long streets of the city? Ultimate Flying Car game invites you to realistic flying car simulator experience. Explore the sky with stylish flying cars, or unlock new ca...

Starship Defender

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Commander, defend your space sector against incoming invasion.Navigate your battle tested starship across the field of enemy lasers.Shoot down the enemy star ships. This is war in space!Prevent the abduction ships fro...

Pyramid Exit Escape Game

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Enter in unknown pyramids and to try to exit pharaonic treasures. You must find the way to move out the sarchophagus from the room by moving stone blocks. Find the right path and become the greatest pyramid thief.find...

Princess Influencer Salon

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Princess Influencer Salon is a fun girl game with amazing customizations! Spring has come! Hey girls! These princesses have a dream of a wonderland and they would like to happen in reality by making wishes to fairies....

Numbubbles Popping

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Numbubbles Popping is a logical math game. To start just point a numbubble, set the arrow direction and shoot the numbubble towards another. If both numbubbles are having different numbers on it they will be merged an...

Hamster Island

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This is a beautiful paradise for small hamsters. Let's build a village for the cute little hamsters! You can build buildings such as farmland, cafes, and restaurants for hamsters. Invite new hamsters to join this comm...

Wood Block Puzzle 2

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The second sequel to the most addictive puzzle game of all-time! This puzzle game will exercise your brain for hours, days and months to come. It boasts a beautiful wooden design with carefully crafted puzzle pieces a...

Hoops Champ 3D

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Play this exciting basketball game. More than 200+ different levelsChallenging arcade style basketball game.More than 6 different locations.Lets dunk some balls!Swipe and dunk!

Drawer Super Racer

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A funny race game,Draw your legs to win the race! Make sure that any drawing will make you run but with different behaviors!You can Redraw when a superpower appears by holding on it to collect its power! (Boost - Spee...

Sticka Stacka

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Welcome to Sticka Stacka! This is a new sliding puzzle game where you rearrange puzzle pieces to reveal the final picture! With 130 Levels, how many can you solve? If you complete the puzzle within the time limit you ...


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Simple and satisfying 3D game. Keep the ball safe from the obstacles on the road. You can't control the ball itself, but in front of it there's a hole that you can move around and clean the road.Hold left mouse button...

Mini Clash War Z

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Have fun with this entertaining game of strategies a war in miniatures Mini Clash War Z is an action and strategy game command your small army and triumph in battles with this new game in kiz10 you will learn to add a...

Super Yacht Parking

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Drive these luxuries on water and safely dock it to its designated port. Play, Super Yacht Parking and steer these awesome boats. Avoid all the obstacles and other yachts. If you got your yacht hit so many times then ...