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Zombie Treasure Adventure

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Play the newest action-adventure game Zombie Treasure Adventure. Your goal is to collect the keys to open the treasure. Through the game, you are fighting with zombies that are attacking you. For every eliminated zomb...

Forgotten Treasure 2 – Match 3

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In this puzzle game you need to combine jewels to crash obstacles using your logic. Complete puzzle levels for free. Enjoy Forgotten Treasure 2 – Match 3! There are different modes: you can go through exciting adventu...

Hair Challenge Rush

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In this amazing game, we play hair challenge and hair race. Be smart and take shortcuts to win. Collect your haircuts and challenge the length of your hair, measure them on a ruler and become a runner with the longest...

Clean Road 3D

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Road Cleaner 3D belongs to the genre of racing games. The player is the driver of a car that cleans the road. With this car, the player must clear the way for the townspeople who want to leave their homes, but they ar...