This is a brick breaker game with different levels and game modes.Classic, Double, 1024 and unlimited high score mode.There are some challenges to pass and unlock levels.

There is two control mode ( Three on PC* ) that you can select on control settings.1. "Full Touch Control" that you can use touch or click everywhere to move (Half & Half)2. "Button Control" that you must touch or click two control buttons which is bottom corners of the screen*Keyboard arrow keys are always active to move left/right

Bare Ball Capturas

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  • lvfkf 1 semana ago

    Vamos a riba !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guido 2 semanas ago

    la clave para el equpo rojo son 222 o sss. Steve Hyuga es malisimo pero revis...

  • luiandleap 2 semanas ago

    como se guardan las partidas

  • Anonimo... 2 semanas ago

    Me gusta mucho y lo bueno es que me gustan los gatos

  • Juan 4 semanas ago

    como lo guardo no c guardar

  • Juan 4 semanas ago

    como lo guardo?