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Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

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The Zombie Mission 10 Prison Breakout episode isn't over yet! A new call came to the heroes from the secret part of the prison... In the More Mayhem episode, the adventure continues from where it left off. Different ...

Jump Impostor Up

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A little impostor needs your help, he was trapped in a canyon and he will seek to get out safe and sound, so use your ability to play and jump at the right time to jump over the walls of the canyon, on your way you wi...

Super Noob Captured Miner

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Have fun with this new game Super Noob Captured Miner is an entertaining game where a little noob who needs to escape from the prison and can only do it by digging the earth!! can you help him escape? Find out by play...


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Run as fast as you can and defeat enemies that stand in your way with a powerful blow.Watch out for dynamite thrown by crows and obstacles on the way.Use screen touch commands (mobile devices) to jump and attack.On th...

Trapped In Hell: Murder House

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You are trapped in HELL. You have 5 days to Escape or you will be damned for all eternity. Watch out for Evil Knight! Keeper of this part of Hell.He can hear you, always! Try to stay as quiet as you can!In order to es...

Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

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In the adventures of hacker and noob, this time the forest is underwater! Be careful, you need to find a diver suit urgently before you go underwater. otherwise you will drown, you should not drown. so you have to fin...

Super Marius World

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Have fun with this entertaining new game Super Marius Wold is an adventure game, casual to jump and run very similar to the famous Nintendo game Super Mario Bross now with little Marius the little character will need ...

Noob vs Pro Challenge

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Noob vs Pro Challenge is a game in which you wake up in the morning and there is a zombie apocalypse around and you are a noob? This is a real challenge! Why not?The task will be to save the Noob and the Princess and ...

Flying Orange

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Flying Orange is a platform game in which you'll control a little orange to escape the dangers of space with the help of your Jetpack. Collect Fuel, Avoid Traps and Enemies Along the Way.Left arrow key = move leftRigh...

Brawl Stars Leon Run

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Have fun with this new game Brawl Stars Leon Run is an infinite running game where to reach the goal you will need to avoid many obstacles and dangerous enemies !!! Collect the coins on your way so you can unlock new ...

Minimal Dungeon RPG

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Minimal Dungeon RPG is an innovative RPG that is based on the classic one. Multiple rooms are connected into dungeons. Tasks, monsters, and rewards are all simplified into squares in the rooms. You can just click on t...


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Meet Hexoboy, a new cool free-to-play platformer game with plenty of adventures, puzzles, and fun. Use your skills and wits to help the cute brave hero in his adventure in the hexagonal game based on classic puzzle pl...

Steve Go Kart Portal

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In Steve's new 2nd adventure, he has to go from home to the portal with his go-kart car. You have to repair the portal in each level. You need to repair the portal pass the levels and repair the portal. Be careful, av...

Noob Steve Dark

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Are you ready for the 2nd adventure of noob steve, who is funny and so cowardly? In this adventure, axes are coming and you have to watch out for them, they can kill. Dodge or jump from them to avoid dying! You need t...

Rublox Space Farm

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A small farmer urgently needs to collect food for his farm in space but he will need your quick cunning to move through the platforms of this planet without falling into space, avoid dangerous objects and enemy robots...

Steve Red Dark

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You have to help the cute steven go through the portal and reach the green chest in the red dark. come on what are you waiting for help and make steve reach the ballot box. Be careful now, more dangerous flying monste...

Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave

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This is an endless game. You have to escape from the enemies and jump to collect the score. You have to face different enemies and different caves.Enjoy!Tap on the screen to jump the player and escape the enemies. Col...

Mandala Coloring Book

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Relax while coloring beautiful pictures. Color them according to your taste and make the world more colorful. All you have to do is give your imagination freedom and color everything you like. Try to create a breathta...

Tower Switchle

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Do you like arcade games? Great, Tower Switchle waiting for you. You have to pass all the enemy rings and reach the highest score. You can earn extra points with the stones you collect.It is played with the mouse.

Colorful Racing

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Colorful Racing is a cool, freaky, awesome, astounding game, where you can race and drive cars like Smith Coupe Theft, Mercedes-Benz 500 K, Lassiter Series 69, Ascot Bailey, Walker Rocket. This multitude of vehicles c...

Noob Adventure

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The Noob Adventure game is a fun and sometimes challenging game. Embark on a journey through 3 worlds (castle, cave, ice temple) with obstacles and puzzles that will challenge you at any moment. This game will be i...

Christmas Fishing

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Santa went on Christmas fishing. Help him catch as many fish as possible and reach the bottom of the sea. Even presents with Christmas decorations float in the water. Grab them and decorate the Christmas tree in Santa...

Super Cute Cat

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You need to help super sweet cat hunt the mutated cats. You must destroy the mutated cats and get the key and move on to the next level. There are different difficulties in each level, do not forget to collect candies...

Ninja Legend

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Welcome to the ninja world.The position of the enemy in the front varies. Use the weapons in your hand, aim quickly, destroy them and become the strongest hero.slide up and down to adjust the angle, loosen to attack