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Sushi Supply Co

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Sushi Supply Co. is an Idle Tycoon style game where your dreams of a sushi-making kitty chef empire come true!Level up your cute Kitty Chefs, earn money, & build an adorable Sushi Empire! - Tap on chefs to speed u...

Ice Cream Clicker

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Get ready for the coolest ice cream adventure ever! In Sweet Scoops Clicker, you are the proud owner of an ice cream parlor where your fingers do all the work. Tap, tap, tap your way to become the ice cream king!Unloc...

Nerd Fight

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Nerd Fight is Tap RPG Game where player build an army of nerds to fight against bullies. -Reach the highest stage possible in Campaign Mode-Fight bullies and race against the time in Time Attack Mode-8 nerds and 32 sk...

Where’s the crook?

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A puzzle game in the genre of "Hidden objects". Help find the Crook, who stole the bag from the unfortunate lady. Play with friends or the whole family.In each level, you need to find the main character of the game, n...

Little Farm Clicker

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Little Farm Clicker is a farming game where you can plant crops, raise animals, and sell your products for profit. Click and manage your farm to become the ultimate farmer!Little Farm Clicker offers a fun and engaging...

GPU Mining

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GPU Mining is an instant money idle clicker game that offers a virtual crypto mining experience. Earn money by upgrading to the fastest GPU and speeding up your hardware with new additions. Let your graphics card do t...

Idle Mine&Merge

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Dig into the mines and get deep discovering all the blocks that are underground, defeat various enemies and bosses to earn money and buy new weapons and tools to dig, merge them with each other and make them stronger!...

Idle Country Tycoon

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Idle Country Tycoon is a classic idle construction game. In this game, players will play a country tycoon, responsible for building and managing their own country. Players can switch between different countries in the...

Idle Robots

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Have you ever dreamed of programming your own robot from scratch? Build it step by step, choosing the best parts for it? Well, now it's possible more than ever.The game "Idle Robots" presents a huge selection of techn...

SCP Laboratory Idle Secret

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Launch this secret clicker with pixel graphics to become a manager and build your own X-Files Foundation lab.Hire employees, improve your laboratory, explore new technologies, go through story events!This game has ver...

Slime Farm

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We present you the game: Farm, about small and cute slimes! These adorable animals will fill your ranch and become great friends for you. The right strategy will allow you to quickly open every one of the cutest slime...

Dress Up Girls

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“Dress Up Girls” is a Dress Up style game where the player chooses between several options to beautify the girl, be creative and make the girl as beautiful as possible.On the computer, use the mouseOn Mobile, use touch.

EvoHero – Idle Gladiators

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Merge and upgrade your Gladiators! Have you ever wanted to be a fighter? Have you ever wanted to be a trainer? Now you can be each one of them! Manage your fighters and develop your arena to become the greatest Empero...

Hero Tower Wars Online

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A brave hero decided to attack the towers where her beautiful princess is trapped and needs you to free her from the clutches of different enemies. Move the character in each level of the tower calculates the addition...

Bazooka Boy Online

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Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildi...

Find The Crypto

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“Find the crypto” is a THEMED game about cryptocurrencies, you don’t earn cryptos by playing it, but it attracts many visitors to your site and downloads with this game, as it is a subject that is on the rise and it i...

Mini Clash War Z

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Have fun with this entertaining game of strategies a war in miniatures Mini Clash War Z is an action and strategy game command your small army and triumph in battles with this new game in kiz10 you will learn to add a...

Jumpy! The legacy of a chicken

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A little nervous chicken, which has been affected by hormones, is ready to escape.Use your special abilities to escape from the slaughterhouse, jump on the walls, avoiding electric sparks.Keep your finger on the scree...

Pixel Color Kids

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It’s a Pixel Color kids! The player can choose an available pixel image and play. VERY EASY!You can paint with your finger without getting dirty! and as many times as you want!Works on any mobile device.Use mouse ou t...

Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

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In Idle Zoo: Safari Rescue you rescue animals and build your own zoo with them. While they are in the zoo, they generate coins for you. These coins can be used to upgrade the habitats and to buy new ones.Touch only

Emoji Game

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Jewel Christmas Mania

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Try this christmas puzzle game with christmas theme. Enjoy the holiday adventure full of snowmans, gingerbread and christmas balls. Be rewarded with combos and finish all christmas levels.

Pyramid Klondike

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Frozen Castle Solitaire

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