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Princesses Easter Surprise

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Princesses Ariel, Elsa and Jasmine decided to prepare something special for Easter. The two main Easter symbols are the painted Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Use these paraphernalia, as well as the symbols of spri...

Idle Hypermart Empire

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Tap on your workers to start producing goods to sell. Next, transport profits to the cash counter office with an elevator. Finally, transport your earnings to your account.Use your earnings to upgrade your Hypermart, ...

Cinderella & Prince Charming

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This new dress up game lets all the fans of the Cinderella fairy tale design great outfits for both Cinderella bride and her fiance Prince Charming! Tomorrow is their wedding day, and they need a bridal makeover. Feel...

Hidden Magic OG

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Try to find out missing objects and help the alchemist create magic and potions in this challenges puzzle game.Levels is a fantastic mystery house rooms locations.Enjoy the adventure and magic atmosphere of the hidden...

Ice Breaker

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Be the best pirate you ever wanted in this action-packed ship battle game. To aid you in your fights you can upgrade your ship's strength and bullet speed as well as make the ships you destroy drop more riches! Destro...

Puper Ball

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Go around the opponents, move invisibly or draw all the attention to yourself, this is not the usual soccer, the victory is only in your hands. Open the chests with bonuses and get super balls! Your task is to play th...

Yummy Pancake Factory

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Yummy tummy! Nothing better than a sweet, tasty pancake for your breakfast. Mix your pancake and pour it in the pan. Once your pancake are fluffy and golden brown, top it with various yummy toppings. Make each pancake...

Zoo Tile – Match Puzzle Game

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Solve 3 Tiles Puzzle and Build a Zoo. Yes! Zoo Tiles is all about this and so much more.Is this your first time here? Experience being a Zoo Tycoon and Tile Master never before!Welcome to Zoo Tiles, where you canDesig...

Model Dress Up Girl Games

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Want to dress like a top model? This app lets fashionistas train their taste with virtual clothes and gorgeous doll models. Create many different outfits, make screenshots and share them with your friends!It's probabl...

Make Eclairs Pastry

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Let's enjoy the chocolate cooking game at There are lots of chocolate pastry recipe inside the game and try to make it perfect.Use mouse only


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You are a secret agent tasked with killing enemies in various uniquely-designed rooms in a big city. Be creative, sometimes there is more than one way to get to the bad guys - use the ricochets and curving path of fli...

Giant Wanted

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Office Dress Up Games

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This new dressup game is about work clothes a professional woman would wear in an office at her day job. Business clothing style is usually pretty conservative, especially in accounting and finance, but can be more re...

Anime Girls Dress Up Game

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If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian pop culture of anime comics, this new beauty & styling app is for you. Design amazing outfits for cute animatronic characters drawn in manga style. Start ...

Coloring Book

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Relax and colour every where you go. Coloring pages include peaceful scenery, flowers, mandala, mountains, sunshine and more.The perfect anti stress activity book for adults, kids and all ages.Color art therapy and st...

Merge Numbers Wooden edition

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Are you ready to take up the challenge of this game that mixes tetris and 2048?The principle of this game is very simple. At each level you have objectives to complete, such as creating 2 blocks with the number 32.The...

Paper Plane Earth

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The aim of the game is to time your jump accurately to avoid the obstacles which are the famous monuments and landmarks of the world. The earth keeps rotating with the monuments on top and the paper plane has to jump ...

Grass Cut Master

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Grass Cut Master is a fun hypercasual simulation game. You have to cut the grass on different platforms within the limited time. For a more efficient farming, you can improve your vehicle's capacity, blade length an...

Who is Daddy

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A pregnant mom needs your help to choose the right daddy. You should pay attention to the foods you eat also. Avoid pizza, burger and coke. Collect milk bottles for your baby. Also collect clues and find who is the ri...

Drink Master

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Have you always dreamt of working as a bartender?Do you consider perfectly poured cocktails and drinks to be your life goal?Do you always pour beer perfectly into a glass?Then Drink Master is the game for you!Become a...

Hamster Island

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This is a beautiful paradise for small hamsters. Let's build a village for the cute little hamsters! You can build buildings such as farmland, cafes, and restaurants for hamsters. Invite new hamsters to join this comm...

Hoops Champ 3D

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Play this exciting basketball game. More than 200+ different levelsChallenging arcade style basketball game.More than 6 different locations.Lets dunk some balls!Swipe and dunk!


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Simple and satisfying 3D game. Keep the ball safe from the obstacles on the road. You can't control the ball itself, but in front of it there's a hole that you can move around and clean the road.Hold left mouse button...

Gun Guys

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The bad guys are back again! Use your gun, brains and logic to defeat them all!Take down enemies with a single bullet to get the max reward and unlock new dangerous missions. Prove you’re the best hit master!TOUGH PUZ...