A combination between a Running game and a Rugby Kick game. Avoid the obstacles, keep running until you see the goal. Try to score at least 1 ball in each turn to pass the level.Collect the special items along the way for advantages:- Shield: Protects the stickman from the obstacles.- Rugby ball: Gives bonus points.- Magnet: Pulls the rugby balls toward the stickman (within a certain range).Pay attention at the winds which blow the ball away.Have fun!

Desktop:- Use Arrow keys to control: UP (jump), DOWN (slide), RIGHT (move right), LEFT (move left)- Left-mouse click the ball and swipe up to kick it.Mobile:- Swipe to control: UP (jump), DOWN (slide), RIGHT (move right), LEFT (move left)- Tap the ball and swipe up to kick it.Notes:- The kicking direction is depending on the swiping direction.- The kicking power is depending on how fast and how far you swipe.

Stickman Rugby Run And Kick Capturas

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