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Solitaire Spider and Klondike

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of solitaire and test your strategic planning and logical thinking abilities. This version offers two popular variations: Spider and Klondike. Spider has three modes (1, 2, an...

Merge To Battle

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Merge to Battle is a cool real-time evolution strategy game for everyone.The main goal of the game is to capture all the castles that stand in the way of your knights.Build and upgrade your castle, upgrade your troops...

Squid Run

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You have been deceived! The secret person has offered you a lot of easy money if you can survive. But you realized that this is a game in which no one will survive. The only way out for you is to escape, how far can y...

Super Hexbee Merger

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Play Hexbee!The rules are very simple!Link the three hexes (green, blue, and pink) on the grid to collect as many points as possible!Good luck!Move hexagon set from the bottom to the grid and connect it with other hex...

Bubble Monster

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Experience the next generation of music games with Bubble monster, a new type of rhythm game.Follow the rhythm to songs! Tap beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way. Every beat is yo...

Monster Truck Crazy Impossible

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Monster Truck Crazy Impossible is the ultimate game that has something for everyone. With its car customization, arcade-style gameplay, and physics-defying stunts, players can perform crazy jumps and experience the th...

Wizard Mike

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Throw spells at your enemies!In Wizard Mike you play as the Incredibly Powerful and Wise Wizard Mike. You will have to solve a lot of puzzled encounters with your enemies to win. Gather the prize money and defeat anyo...

Crazy Color Balls

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Crazy Color Balls is an amazing and fun game very similar to what is in fashion. The game has 20 levels where the difficulty increases in each stage. All levels are unique, with different layouts designed to be fun an...


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CUTE CATS JIGSAW PUZZLE is a traditional puzzle game that has 20 different puzzles with cute kittens, divided into 4 groups where the difficulty increases gradually.Upon completing all the puzzles a gallery with all t...


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Connect 3 or more panels of the same type to clear them! Each time you connect, the number of turns will decrease! When the number of turns reaches 0, the game is over! There is a bomb that increases the number of tur...


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When the total of the numbers written on the cards collected reaches 10, the card can be erased. Play until there are no more cards to erase, and the stage is cleared when the target is cleared. If the hand is full of...

Bucket Crusher

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Bucket Crusher"is a fascinating relaxing game in which you have to use a saw to crush various pixel mosaics!In this game, you will play the driver of a bucket crusher, and control the machine to demolish the wall. The...

Mia Swept-Back Bridal Hairstyle

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Mia is a beauty girl and she is going to have her wedding coning soon, She likes to swept back bridal hairstyle for her wedding, Can you help her to choose the best bridal hairstyle today. Enjoy the bridal hairstyle g...

Blind Bat

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Blindbat is a game about a crazy bat that flies through the countryside, trying to kill all the birds he finds on his way!Be careful: if you finish your ammo, the birds will attack you! Shoot wisely!Touch to shoot

Helix Jump

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Helix Jump is a game with simple and addictively fun mechanics. In the game, you guide a bouncing ball continuously down a series of circular platforms. Fall through the cracks and avoid landing in the forbidden zones...


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Let's transfer the contents of the bottles and have the same kind of bottles. It cannot be placed in a full bottle. Cannot be placed on top of a different type.Tap to hold. Tap to place.

Slap & Run

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In this addictive game you’re the city’s top slapper, and everybody needs to know! People are calmly strolling down the sidewalk, enjoying their day, and you can’t stand it!Pull out your slapping gloves and get ready ...

Find the Difference

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The perfect find the differences game free to play with more than 5000 wonderful and interesting levels. Challenge your observation skills. Different levels - from very easy to almost impossible!Search, find and just ...

Glass Puzzle

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Drop balls to knock over glasses and spill everything!Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out of the box!Tap the screen t...

Rope Rescue Puzzle

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Join the rescue mission to become the hero with one of the rope games now!A free easy game that gives you unique and engaging puzzles. All you need to do in this easy game is to drag the rope to save them all from the...

Rainbow Friends Jetpack

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Choose Rainbow friends and defeat various monsters. Don't give them a chance!Improve your fighting skills and defeat monsters. Here you will find many unique and exciting levels with monsters and traps. Earn coins, up...

Foxy Land 2

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Get ready to plunge into an exciting new platforming adventure with Foxy!Foxy bought a house with Jenny and the little foxes, Tim and Cindy. All was well until the evil Duke and his brother Jax attacked and trashed ev...

Noob vs Pro Stick War

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Noob vs Pro: Stick War - is a battle strategy 2d game with Noobs. Looks like stick war legacy but in minecraft universe with funny animations.- Funny animations!- Upgrades!- Infinite levels!Tap or click to buy noob-wo...

Angry Heroes

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Join the Angry heroes to destroy all aliens and save the world. Master the slingshot to take on the aliens. Use the special powers to destroy every shelter and complete all levels. Defeat Bosses and help the little he...