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King of Mahjong

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A pair matching puzzle game. Find pairs, match tiles with 3 lines, solve puzzles - become a King of Mahjong! If you love mahjong or other puzzler games you should try this one."(classic matching puzzle game based on M...

Draw Two Save Save the man

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Draw Two Save: Save the man is an attractive game for all ages. All you have to do is use your wisdom to save the stickman. You will face different predicaments, you have to draw a protective circle to prevent the sti...

Classic Sudoku Puzzle

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A sudoku classic game that meets a sudoku grid. Whether you want to train your brain or pass your free time. It’s a calm but challenging puzzle that you’ll be addicted to in no time!Sudoku classic is a logic-based num...

Brain IQ test Minecraft Quiz

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All the characters in the game are made in the style of Minecraft. Connoisseurs of this genre will definitely like the art of the game. But to see it, you will need to raise your ranking and go to the top leagues. To ...

Bead Cleaner Amaze

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Bead Cleaner Amaze is a very simple casual game. You just need to manipulate the tool so that it can help the bead to go to clean. Each level has different colors of beads to eliminate, eliminate them all you will als...

Grass Cutting Puzzle

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Grass Cutting Puzzle - manage your garden with a fully functional grass cutter. Grow flowers in your virtual garden. Enjoy a realistic grass-cutting experience with special tools. Move your finger to cut the grass, an...

Tower Match

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Building a skyscraper is never an easy task, but the arcade game Tower Match turns the challenge into pure fun! One by one you stack up the floors and grow your building. The game needs you to be precise, as you need ...

Puzzle Love

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Help the loving couple find each other by completing various puzzles. Do not touch evil enemies and do not get too close to them. Nice graphics with many levels will not let you get bored.Move blocks with a swipe to a...

Mahjong 3D Candy

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Have you ever thought about what would it be like to play your favourite mahjong 3D game with candies? Mahjong 3D Candy is exactly that! It takes our popular Mahjong 3D game into the world of sweet candies and cookies...

Matches Puzzle Game

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Solve matchstick puzzles by moving, adding and removing matches until you find the right solution!This is a classic game invented over 100 years ago.A game that excites the minds of the curious. The rules are simple: ...


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When the total of the numbers written on the cards collected reaches 10, the card can be erased. Play until there are no more cards to erase, and the stage is cleared when the target is cleared. If the hand is full of...

Animals Merge

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Animal Merge is a merge puzzle game like 2048.Use your strategy to drop the animals into lines so that they can join together to unlock a new one which will have a bigger number.Will you be able to unlock all the anim...


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Let's transfer the contents of the bottles and have the same kind of bottles. It cannot be placed in a full bottle. Cannot be placed on top of a different type.Tap to hold. Tap to place.

Fun Sea Race 3D

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Fun Sea Race 3D is a popular race game. The interesting thing about it is that the surroundings is the sea. The game sets different levels. You will play the game with AI at the same time. The first one to reach the ...

Sudoku Blocks

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A wood block puzzle game meets Sudoku. Test your brain and IQ. Place wood blocks in a 9x9 square grid and don't run out of space!Can you be the Woodoku champion?Drag and drop blocks to form rows, columns and square sh...

Zombie Idle Defense 3D

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Zombie Idle Defense 3D is a very interesting idle game. I'm guessing you'll love it and spend time with it. The gameplay is simple, just tap the machine and fire bullets to hit the zombies in front. Come and give it a...

Clash Of Dots

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Here is a strategy matching game that is made from 2D simple game art styles. Your target is to attack and match all red areas. All areas have their own charging Cool Down. You need to pick the right timing to attack ...

OMG Word Professor

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Tap and drag to form words. How good is your vocabulary? Is the word too difficult? Earn a better score to unlock hints.Tap and drag to form words


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Solve the puzzle by lining up the colored donuts.Grab one of the donuts on the filled sticks.Move it to the empty or same color donut.Continue in this way to complete the puzzle.play with mouse or touch.

Pick & Match

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Pick & Match is a very simple game: Just use your natural memory to complete it by opening pairs of cards with the same animals. You will win the game if you don't open all the cards correctly and there is still t...

Little Panda

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Little Panda It is an amazing and fun matching game, you must match at least 3 similar candies before you run out of time or moves. This candy game has well-crafted puzzles. There are 40 levels for you to play and hav...

Hangman Plus

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Welcome to the world of Hangman Plus. Enjoy a true paper and pen experience and a smooth jazz soundtrack to accommodate the journey of endless word-puzzle fun. Try your best to beat the campaign mode or enjoy casual w...

Word Search Emoji edition

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A new kind of word search games with emoji instead of words. It's really fun.If you like games where you need to search hidden objects, then this game is made for you. Instead of looking for words within a grid, your ...

Liquid Sort

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Liquid Sort is a logical puzzle game. As the title said, you need to sort liquid in the different test tubes. At the beginning of the game select the difficulty of the game. You can play in easy, medium, or hard mode....