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Car Makeup

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Car Makeup is a refreshing game which doesn't need you to drive. Just decorate the car by choosing the same car parts as the style set in each level, and the system will automatically score at the end. You will have a...

Adventures Thomas: Draw and Erase

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Welcome to the exciting world of "Thomas's Adventures: Draw and Erase" — an exciting game that will give you incredible adventures and challenges! In this exciting game you have to help Thomas find all the stars and c...

Skibidi in the Backrooms

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Skibidi in the Backrooms is a game where you have to collect as many video tapes as you can without being spotted by the evil Skibidi wandering around the backrooms. Use the map to find your way, and collect all the t...

Card Shuffle Sort

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Card Shuffle Sort is a brain-teasing color-sorting game designed to push your organizational and puzzle-solving abilities to the limit. Your goal is simple: rearrange the cards on the board to sort them by color. But ...

Catch The Cat

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Catch The Cat is an exciting online game with addictive gameplay and attractive graphics, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Your goal is to catch an elusive cat that is constantly trying to escape. As the ...

Count Alphabets Rush

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Welcome to play Count Alphabets Rush! You have to collect the alphabet and push enemies. Make your friend attack the other alphabet enemies to get success. What are you waiting for? Try it!Slide to move

ATV Bike Games Quad Offroad

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Welcome to the world of quad bike games with real physics. This cool ATV racing game will not leave anyone indifferent!Ride bikes through realistic locations, compete and have fun!PC managementMovement: Arrows or WASD...

Skibidi Toilet Find the Differences

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Now its time to take a look at some pictures with Skibidi Toilet. Behind these pictures are small differences. Can you find them? They are fun designs for you to play with. A game that is fun and educational because i...

Bird Tiles Match

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This game combines tile-matching aspects of classic Mahjong with the simplicity and quick pace of modern Match 3 games. Begin with a blank stack of 9 spaces, tapping tiles to stack them. Create stacks of 3 identical ...

Stickman Rugby Run And Kick

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A combination between a Running game and a Rugby Kick game. Avoid the obstacles, keep running until you see the goal. Try to score at least 1 ball in each turn to pass the level.Collect the special items along the way...

Drop It

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Stickman catches everything that flies badly! Help the stickman catch the objects before they break.Train your logic, dexterity, attention and use your problem solving skills in this exciting game!Simple and intuitive...

4 Pix Word Quiz

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4 Pix Word Quiz is a stimulating word puzzle game that presents players with four images that share a common theme or word. Your task is to decipher the connection between the pictures and form a single word that accu...

Save The Girl Game

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The tricky and relaxing puzzle game you’ve been seeing all this time is finally a reality! Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain-teaser tests in order to save the girl from the villains chasing her! Solv...

Polar Bear Merge

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Match numbers to make big numbers. Drag to aim and throw ice! Ice is added over time. The game ends when the ice reaches the bottomDrag to aim, drop to throw.

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

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Squad Goals is fun and simple 3D soccer game that can quickly turn into a crazy ball brawl!No cards, no fouls, no offsides! Slide, tackle, dribble, kick, shoot, and score – all with just one finger!Whoever scores firs...

Insect Pic Puzzles

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Move pieces of insect images between tiles to arrange them in proper order. Touch or click a block to shift it to an adjacent blank place. You will lose points after each second, so finish it in a smart way to save ma...

Only Up Gravity Parkour 3D

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This game will definitely spark your imagination! Play as a brave racer climbing over broken wheelbarrows, garbage from the garage and road signs!The goal of the game is to climb as high as possible on objects, levita...

Spot Differs

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A new exciting game "Spot&Differs" for children and adults! Find differences between two pictures and train your brain and mindfulness. Relax with an exciting game, compare beautiful pictures and find the differe...

Pose To Hide: Puzzle

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The goal of the game is to place people in a certain frame.Each character in this game has their own unique set of poses. Try to figure out the correct pose and find the correct place for the character in the frame.A ...

Zombie Treasure Adventure

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Play the newest action-adventure game Zombie Treasure Adventure. Your goal is to collect the keys to open the treasure. Through the game, you are fighting with zombies that are attacking you. For every eliminated zomb...

Forgotten Treasure 2 – Match 3

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In this puzzle game you need to combine jewels to crash obstacles using your logic. Complete puzzle levels for free. Enjoy Forgotten Treasure 2 – Match 3! There are different modes: you can go through exciting adventu...

Hair Challenge Rush

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In this amazing game, we play hair challenge and hair race. Be smart and take shortcuts to win. Collect your haircuts and challenge the length of your hair, measure them on a ruler and become a runner with the longest...

Clean Road 3D

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Road Cleaner 3D belongs to the genre of racing games. The player is the driver of a car that cleans the road. With this car, the player must clear the way for the townspeople who want to leave their homes, but they ar...

Guess it

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Guess it is an addictive word game where you have to guess the hidden word. Based on short clues, guess the letters and their positions. Uncover mysterious words and earn points using your creativity and logical think...