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Stickman Rugby Run And Kick

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A combination between a Running game and a Rugby Kick game. Avoid the obstacles, keep running until you see the goal. Try to score at least 1 ball in each turn to pass the level.Collect the special items along the way...

Burger Race

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● Pick ingredients and make Hamburgers, receive money and build the bridge to go to next stage!● Customize Character: You can choose from over 30 colors!● Unlockables: Unlock all colors for your character and more!Mov...

Squid escape

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Welcome to the adrenaline-soaked world of Squid Escape Game. Immerse yourself in a dystopian realm where desperate individuals find themselves trapped in a deadly competition. In this runner game, you play as a partic...

Running Bros

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Running Bros is an exciting and addictive endless running game that challenges players to navigate through an endless world filled with obstacles, enemies, and challenges, collecting coins and power-ups along the way....

Squid Run

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You have been deceived! The secret person has offered you a lot of easy money if you can survive. But you realized that this is a game in which no one will survive. The only way out for you is to escape, how far can y...

Speedy Paws

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An exciting game in which you have to reach the finish line without falling into traps and bypassing obstacles. Collect crystals to unlock new skins, collect coins to buy a shield or extra life. On PC: WASD and the sp...

Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher

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Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher is an engaging online game that challenges players to capture impostors in a colorful and vibrant world. Available for free on Kiz10.com, this casual game combines elements of action a...

Pipe Surfer

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Super Cool Pipe Surfer game where you can complete levels with using your Ultimate strategy skills. Aim and shoot at the right places multiply your balls and make money. You can unlock new skins and change your ball s...

Monster School vs Siren Head

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Siren head has attacked monster school and is hunting for the students!The herobrine teacher saves the students and together they go through various challenges in an attempt to defeat the siren head and restore the sc...

Stickman Parkour 2 – Lucky Block

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Stickman Parkour 2 - stickman do tricks and parkour to open lucky block in minecraft. A runner where a man and a stickman Vex compete for speed. Lucky block opens new stick levels in minecraft. Parkour game is similar...

Animal Run

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The Thrilling Runner Game with Animals: Avoiding Obstacles at Full SpeedGet ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with the runner game that lets you play as animals like lions, cats, and cows. Avoid obstacles and r...

Spider Boy Run

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Jump on rooftops while avoiding obstacles as Spider Boy.Execute different acrobatic jumps by collecting skill cards.Tap to jump high. Feel the rush of flying through the air, then execute sick rolls as you land.Jump a...

Supermarket Paws

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Join our lovable little kitten and his mother on an exciting adventure as they explore a lively and colorful supermarket filled with surprises! In this engaging game, players will help the kitten and his mother naviga...

Hover Skirt

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You're a girl stacking her skirt and hovering over the abyss on this long dress made of colorful stripes. Looks stylish! And how does she fly? Is it voodoo magic or is she Marry Poppins? Maybe it's just ballerina's ...

Rolling Ball

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The new ball control runner game is here.Roll the ball and balance it to reach the level finish line. Control the ball, overcome obstaclesMultiple challenging levels are waiting for you. Ramps, pendulums, trampolines,...

Monster Dash

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Get ready for a brand new Monster game. Make it pass through dangerous paths to get the cute monsters to the finish line. You have to be patient because these dangerous roads are full of traps. You have to skip some c...

Metaverse Dash Run

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You find yourself suddenly in the metaverse. Or is it the multiverse?A giant purple gorilla is on your tail. Time to run!Jump over obstacles, grab these weird random meta coins and collect powerups.Run away from the p...

2048 Runner

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Navigate through a series of gates and cubes, avoid the negative gates and go in the positive ones and merge to the same cube, but avoid the cubes with different number, you can't merge with them.You must arrive at th...

Pac Hero

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Do you like the Pacman game style? If yes, this game is dedicated to you.Avoid the monsters at all costs, collect all the dots to complete a map. Eating a magic potion will help increasing your hero's power and weaken...

Temple Raider

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Welcome to the jungle maze. You angered the guardian of the ancient temple and now he is chasing you through these ruins full of treasures and traps. You must be swift. Jump over sharp spikes or slide under a falling ...

Police Endless Car

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Partake in this excitement of car driving game called Police Endless Car. Get rid of the police and collect all the coins and superpowers from the road.Arrow Keys to Drive and SPACE for the jump.

Tank Rush

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Tank Rush is wonderful platformer tank game. Use your tank to destroy towers and continue to your way. Avoid from obstacles or you will destroy your tank. Pass through colors and match your ammo color with towers.Hold...

Lost In The Maze

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In this game you are stuck in procedural generated mazes. Explore each maze before the time runs out and take care of the wandering enemies around you.Move with WASD or Arrow KeysAttack with Strg or Space

Rope Man Rush 3D

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Rope Man Run 3D is a skillful running arcade game with a 3D colored rope man. Your goal is to avoid all obstacles and collect colored ropes of the same color as the rope man to reach the final circular platform safel...